Network Video Recorder Dnr-4020-16p Justconnect H.265 Poe

Network Video Recorder Dnr-4020-16p Justconnect H.265 Poe

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A professional-grade NVR is absolutely essential for businesses that need reliable, high-quality surveillance. View streams from up to 16 cameras in real time, as well as take advantage of 4K, for better footage than ever before. Storage is easily expandable, able to meet the needs of more cameras and higher quality recordings. Finally, powerful tools make footage review a breeze, and management of connected cameras simple. Get The Full 4K Experience The DNR-4020-16P supports streaming and recording of ultra-high-quality 4K HD footage. See everything in crystal-clear focus, with no details left hidden, no matter how small. Store Weeks or Even Months on End of Footage As your business grows, so must your surveillance network. As the demand for more cameras and higher-quality footage increases, so does the demand for storage. Two 3.5" SATA ports allow easy storage expansion, up to a staggering 16 TB, for storage of weeks or even months of high-quality footage. Rapidly Find the Footage You Need With up to 16 TB worth of recordings, the review process can be daunting. Advanced search features however streamline the process. Administrators can rapidly single out the footage they need, then export it if needed. Even More Efficient Compression The DNR-4020-16P features H.265 compression, one of the most efficient standards available. Save up to an eye-opening 50% storage space compared to previous standards. Be There, As It Happens When only seeing things in real time will do, the DNR-4020-16P is on hand. View live streams from up to 16 cameras, simultaneously, all on one screen. So you can always have eyes wherever you need them. Remotely adjust camera positioning via browser or app to get an even better view of the action. Power over Ethernet For A Cleaner, Professional Setup The DNR-4020-16P supports a professional, power cable free installation. All 16 Ethernet ports are equipped with PoE, ready to power external cameras with minimal fuss. Hold Your Surveillance Network To a Higher Standard Matched with a D-Link Surveillance Switch, you've got an irrefutable power pair. They ensure surveillance data flows thick and fast, with no lag or jitters. Meanwhile, an enhanced PoE budget and extended range allows more power to more cameras, at even greater distances. Eyes Right Where They are Needed The DNR-4020-16P, part of our business surveillance solutions are bespoke designed for business that need to keep an eye over what's important.

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