Aspire A114-31-c5qc - 14in - Celeron N3350 - 4GB Ram - 64GB Flash - Win10 Home - Blue

Aspire A114-31-c5qc - 14in - Celeron N3350 - 4GB Ram - 64GB Flash - Win10 Home - Blue

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£265.99  (Excl VAT)


A conveniently portable, thin laptop designed to easily accompany you throughout your day.

Sleek and Stylish
The classy look of the Aspire 1 is matched only by the convenience of its thin, easily portable design.

Pleasing to the Senses
The delicate cross-hair brush pattern delivers a beautifully inviting tactile finish.

Touch Precision
The Precision Touchpad is more responsive than traditional touchpads helping you work more effectively.

Chiclet Keyboard
Shaped for comfort and style, the chiclet keyboard stands out with its round-cornered keys.

All-in Essentials
The tech features you rely on to get you through the day.

The Power of Wireless
Maintain a strong, consistent wireless signal with the strategically placed 802.11ac wireless antenna.

Bluetooth® 4.0
Bluetooth® technology enables high speed, short-range wireless communication between multiple devices with the latest update allowing connectivity to an even more diverse group of products.

Stay Productive
With Office 3651, you can stay connected and keep working with all your trusted go-to Microsoft apps.

Relax Your Eyes
Filter out eye-straining blue light and work longer in comfort.

BlueLightShieldT technology reduces the exposure of blue light, which can be potentially harmful, by adjusting color hue and brightness.

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