Desktop Monitor - Ut241y Bmiuzx - 23.8in - 1920 X 1080 (full Hd) - 4ms 16:9 LED Backlight

Desktop Monitor - Ut241y Bmiuzx - 23.8in - 1920 X 1080 (full Hd) - 4ms 16:9 LED Backlight

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The Acer UT1 series of touchscreen monitors offer a new way to interact with and control your PC, with a stand that seamlessly adjusts to meet your needs. Impressive Performance The 23.8" display of the UT241Y is fully touch-sensitive, with support for 10-point multi-touch and all of Windows 10's gestures. This ensures that using the UT0 to control your PC will be a breeze, with easy and intuitive controls that can perfectly replace a conventional keyboard and mouse set-up. The screen is also Full HD resolution, which means you get really sharp images plus it supports extra-wide viewing angles for added convenience. The UT1 series features a wide variety of connectivity options, including an HDMI port and a VGA port, which ensures it can work seamlessly with a variety of devices. The UT241Y is also equipped with a USB-C port, which not only enables the touchscreen functionality but can also replace all your other connectivity needs in a single cable - USB-C can be used to carry video signals, meaning it can be used instead of an HDMI or other dedicated video cable; it can also be used to transfer data, meaning you can connect multiple peripherals to your UT241Y via the integrated USB hub and they will all work perfectly; and it can also be used to power external devices, meaning that your laptop can charge from your monitor when it's connected. Everything you need, in one cable. To further improve the viewing experience, the UT1 series have Acer' VisionCare suite of technologies built in - BlueLightShield, Flickerless, Low Dimming and ComfyView. These technologies are designed to minimise eye strain and fatigue when using the monitor, especially for extended periods such as work environments. Seamless Adjustment The integrated stand also supports over 90 degrees of tilt adjustment, a huge range that allows you to position the screen at the best angle for your needs - this is especially useful if you wish to type using the UT1 monitor, as you can lower the angle of the screen significantly for a much more comfortable experience. The UT1 series also features Acer's ZeroFrame design, which means the bezels are kept to a minimum. This not only serves keep size and weight to a minimum, it helps to make the touchscreen more easily accessible and also means that the UT1 monitors are ideal for use in multi-monitor systems.

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