Gold MacBook Pro Retina Filter (gpfmr13)

Gold MacBook Pro Retina Filter (gpfmr13)

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The 3MT Gold Privacy Filter GPFMR13 custom cut for the AppleŽ 13"MacBook ProŽ with Retina Display. With its state of the art gloss finish the gold filters provide more effective privacy with higher display clarity. The filter application system features an optically clear adhesive designed specifically for display screens. Testing proves that, when kept clean, filter can be repositioned hundreds of times.

- Unique gold privacy effect, up to twice the effective privacy performance of the black privacy filter.
- Sharper "privacy cut off" than black filters leading to brighter and sharper text and images without blurring or distortion.
- Attachment system with optically clear repositionable adhesive.
- Notebook user working in sensitive areas, airports, internet cafes, open plan offices.
- Protecting confidential/sensitive information - customer, commercial, medical, government, e-examination.

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